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Please let us pray hastily with a fervently & ardently for The United States of America, for God’s protection & covering over all the Parade site activities today in the various location throughout our nation. We pray a covering/hedge of protection over our bridges, tunnels, highways, overpasses, airways, waterways, ground, periphery, perimeters & boundaries, of our nation. This also includes areas of where large crowds of people may be during the holidays. We pray for more wisdom, insights, discernment & for an increased sensitivity to one’s environment & atmosphere around people in general & also for the security & safety personnel in every location, this includes our Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, Secret Service Agents, all our local Police dept, Sheriffs, Park Rangers, Fire department personnel, Border & Custom patrols, all of Armed Services personnel & our Airports, Airplanes, Airlines personnel & its security & staff, the Reserves, Water Patrol. Please pray for all additional forms modes of transportation used in this country & the personnel staff that & includes our Bus drivers, Truck drivers, Subway operators, helicopters operators, Trains personnel & Conductors, Ships, Cruise & Freight Captains & staff, Submarines personnel, Security Guards &we pray protection over schools, colleges, hospitals, all our governmental federal, state, & city buildings, our courthouses & the United Nations & museums, business complexes, Banks, the prisons & its staff & various malls, stores, daycare facilities, theaters, restaurants, libraries, community & centers, temples, churches & any place where our children may frequent, our annual events, sports gathering, highlighted events such as Oscars, Rewards shows & also any unaware, unexpected or unassuming localities & or unpopulated areas where someone may attack or provoke chaos & we pray over our Army, Navy, Airforces, Marines bases /camps, water ports, our borders to other countries & we pray over our deserts, mountains, caves, valleys & parks.
We decree extra protection over any visiting, Ambassador, dignitaries & or political leaders in our nation.
We come against any plans of multiple, simultaneous synchronizes attacks in public & crowded locations.

We call forth all Prophetic Watchmen, Prayer Warriors, & Intercessors to stand guard. We decree exposure of all hidden or secret teams, units, plots, plans, conspiracies, strategies, networks, sleeper cells & people with wicked & evil intentions to do harm & hurt to others. We come against betrayal, double agents & spies within our country & its system of functionality. We come against negative influencers & those who want to incite riots, wars & promote hate crimes against others.

We speak abrupt disruption to any lines of malicious communication between persons with potential plans to do or with the cruel intentions of afflicting harm & or spitefully hurting large groups of innocence people no matter what the motivation or hidden evil agenda may be. We come against all undercurrents & dangerous secrets to the safety of our nation. Father we pray for your wisdom, clarity & tact, grace & understanding in dealing with foreign policies, refugees, unauthorized citizens & those with diplomatic immunity, government & officials from other countries. We speak exposure to all radical extremist & terrorist individuals groups.
1 Peter 4:7 ,1 Peter 5:8
Thank you for being sober & vigilant
Now Father we recognize that
all authority comes from you & we recognize your Sovereignty, we also trust in your mercy & grace in our Nation of the United States of America in Jesus’ Christ name.
We thank you Father for hearing our cry, even as you did Israel in Egypt in the word. We thank you for signs, wonders & miracles in our land.

Prayer give us an opportunity to communicate with our Heavenily Father and bring changes into our situations and in other lives as well we stand in the gap as an intercessor. It is a honor to be able to interact and commute with the Lord and pray for others. We are to pray without ceasing and to pray for those in authority so that we will have peaceful existence. As we continue to seek the Lord for God’s purpose for our life and to promote His Kingdom in the earth. In my opinion prayer is asking God to puts things in process to work and create things which are not in existence until we ask. Prayer also offers us protection against unforeseen events in our lives and love ones. We have been given a God giving right to pray, not just for ourselves, but others as well. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  As we pray for others with same intensity we pray for our loved ones we will see immediate results.     Remember it is important for us to pray for our country and other countries too. We are in critical times and need to hear the Lord Jesus now like never before. Just be encourage to pray daily,because pray get results. We at Paga’ Global Prayer Connections are praying for you. Look us on Google groups, or on Facebook groups. Our prayer request website is and let leave your prayer request at our voicemail at 641.715.3900 X 477677# Our live prayerline number is 218.339.0831 Access code 772937#
We pray on Monday,Thusday,Friday,Saturday,and Sunday at 6:00am and on Monday and Friday at 8;00pm all EST. Prayer time is now !