God’s Kingdom Connections & Divine alignment occur in our lives as we submit to God’s will &  His purpose in the earth. The Body of Christ is called to love another as well as to do good to those that are in the household of Faith. To cry with those that cry & laugh with those that laugh. As we realize that God loves His people & they belongs to Him & Him alone. Each us of have a specfic purpose & destiny that we are called to do & we are connected  to others according to will of the Father. It is not our will nor the will of man,  but of God Himself; For He is our Sovereign King! Finally Jealousy is as murder & is as cruel as the grave. We must keep our focus on the Lord in these days, as things  unfolding & is getting ready to occur on this earth & we must be prepared for it now. Discernment occurs in all forms, in reading written materials & face to face contacts . The closer we get to God the more things are discernible in this end time. We must pray in these days like never before.

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