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 We need to pray God’s Divine will for everyone we meet & come into agreement with The Father in Heaven.

It is not our individual will,  our flesh or man’s will, it is only God’s will for each person that we may come in contact with or may intercede for. We can’t force our will on others or force them to do anything especially out of the will of The Father God. This would be called  a form of oppression & abuse of our authority.   We all have topp submit ourselves, other people & every situation to The Lord & trust Him in that situation.  I have notice sometimes when other people ask for pray, they don’t use a form of courtesy or even say please pray…, it is if they are commanding one to pray for them or if we required to pray for them & yes the bible does  tell us to pray for men every where with all supplication & prayer, but it is  a way to entreat prayer from others.

 God has taught us in His word to use our manners &  be polite when communicating with someone, it called brotherly love & esteeming others before ourselves  especially  when requesting something like prayer  or a service from someone.

Refuse to be an agent of Satan in the earth with the words of our mouth or prayers that  we may pray for others. We must walk circumspect & be wise in aspect of commuting with others.

 We must stay pure in our prayers for other people, not being controlling,  manipulative, rebellious  in our prayers by not aligning ourselves up with God’s will & purpose for that individual (which is a form Witchcraft), subsequently not praying in the spirit of Divination which is out of the demonic realm. 

 Please do not cause any unnecessary warfare in anyone’s life, let us always minister grace & agape love to the hearer.

 Let us also represent the Kingdom of God with no hidden agendas or motives & definitely not a desire to sabotage & stop  someone’s else destiny with our words & prayers.  We may desperate for the prayer request to be prayed, but let us not forceful & demanding people to pray, how & when  we may want  them to pray this is when becomes sorcery & witchcraft & it is not The Lord; The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman.

 We need a pure, clean,  holy, truthful & authentic, flow in God with no mixtures of untruths, deceit, guile, lies or falsehoods which is of the enemy.

Father let us be pure when we intercede for other people, for these are your children & we shall be held accountable for every word we speak to or about others in Jesus Christ’s name.

 I decree Divine order & Divine Alignment in all our intercession & prayers.

 Thank you Jesus for a humble, meek, quiet & gentle spirit when asking others to pray for our prayer requests.  

Let us  that pray have pure Intercession before a Holy God!

Apostle Zipporah Brown


Out of prayer this morning, I sense God saying My love for you My people IS great & is unconditional ,do not allow the lies or torment  of the enemy to tell you anything different. For My Word is inmutable, I AM Love & perfect love cast out all fear, My children you must walk in My love in these tough times, it shall be a protection & a light for you & the enemy will not be able to accuse you in these areas, also nations will know that you are Mine by the love you show one to another in this darken, wicked, evil & perverse generation.  You are making a consciously effort denying My Son Jesus Christ by not walking in My agape love with others, for The Word tells you to walk in Love, that’s a biblical principal & this is Who I Am, It’s with My love & kindness that I draw those that do not yet know Me as a Loving & Good God !
I AM preparing you right now & strengthen you in my truth as my children in this season for the changes are rapidly occurring in the earth & in your own individual lives.
I Am a covenant keeping God & have made you  My people some promises that must be manifested in this set time & as My Divine Order  comes into being through My Kingdom, Children please know that I AM A faithful God.
I will not be denied, for My Glory shall be seen in this earth through My remnants & those that are currently & earnestly seeking Me, to have a greater knowing & to personally know Me as The Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  Yes many of you are aware & have discerned that these are some very serious days you are living in & you can not afford to be luke warm or be complacent a person in these times, you have to make a definite & adamant decision who you are serving in this season in your lives, is it The Lord or not?
You must be willing to have a none compromising attitude & a williness or desire to walk in holiness for I Am a Holy God.  I Am real & alive !
I thy God Jehovah sees & know every heart & thought on this planet earth, I already know who is willing to be obedient & submit to My perfect Will !
You must in this season call & cry out to Me My Children, for I do hear your prayers, let there be a sense of urgency for you to seek Me & ask Me things you do not know, I Am willing to reveal Myself & My scriptural treasures & mysteries to you as seek Me your Lord, King & Master.  Remember I AM Sovereign God !
Therefore, I AM moving suddenly in this Karios time & I have commanded My Warring Angels to go forth & bring forth My Will NOW, that everything is to be aligned with My desires as I have preordained before the existence of the earth & have ordained manifestation of My Will for this time in your lives. There are many shifts occurring in the various realms & dimensions in the spirit, in order to line you up with My Kingdom’s purposes in the earth.
NO flesh no not one will be glorified in My presence. It will by My Spirit that the glory will manifest signs, wonders, healings & creative miracles that will occur in the earth. I thy God will get the Glory.
I have called you as My children to seek me like never before, girt up your loins & be not distracted by the enemies or the cares of this world or even false burdens, as I AM dealing with your strongholds, mindsets, soul the inner part of your being/heart by cleansing, healing, purging, pruning & delivering you for My own sake of My purposes in the earth. I Am causing a Divine Alignment & Divine Connections to come forth in your individual lives. I AM reveling Myself to you at a greater level & a deeper depth for I know what I’ve placed in each you  for this endtimes, you were born for such time as this. I will instruct, lead, guide you in the path you should follow, I will give you My strategies & insights to maneuver within these endtimes. I will reveal the truth & expose the deception of the enemy by My spirit as you seek Me.
This is a season of Divine encounters, dreams, visions, affirmations & greater truths as you continually seek Me, My Kingdom &  for My absolute Will in your lives & ministries. You must purpose in heart to walk by faith & not by what you see in your circumstances, situations, people, things, problems etc.  I AM your God & you are My people I have called you to serve Me with an attitude of servanthood, truth, obedience, submission, humility, love, the Fear of the Lord, wisdom, peace, meekness, joy, knowledge, lowliness & willingness, but not after your own traditions, flesh, pride, rebellion, arrogance, stubbornness thoughts & worldly religions but with the pure & authentic Word of God in the Bible & additionally to love Me with all your whole, absolute & total being & this means with everything that is in you, having no other god or idols before me for I Am a jealous God. I Am searching/looking for the Glory Carrier & those that enjoy My presence, for those who are Watchmen willing to stand in the gap for My children who are, My lost sheep, My prodigal sons & daughters, the oppressed & bounded up , the spiritually blind & deaf, those are hurting & in pain etc , to come to Me in My Kingdom. I long for fellowship with My children. So be the vessels of Prophetic & Apostolic Intercession & Prayer. 
Trust Me My Children as The Kingdom’s reality is being more realized in your daily lives & your walk with Jesus Christ is increasingly becoming more effective through His Word right now in your lives so that now you may than know His will & purposes for your life & that His promises are for sure without any doubts or unbelief in your hearts. You are a spiritual beings & you must be led by My spirit to sow in The Kingdom My Children. Do have hope & also be encouraged today My Children, for My Agape love is unconditional & eternal it is not temporal or conditional as human love, so trust me My children by continuing to praise & worship Me, The True And Living God. Open My Word you will see things you have not seen before, for I am opening your eyes & ears to what is not seen & have not been seen before so that you will be able to be courageous & victorious to conquer your enemies & recover all that belongs to you in The Kingdom.
By Dr Zipporah Brown


We surely must always praise & worship the Lord, for he is great & worthy to be praised. He is absolutely amazing in every aspect of His existence. We were created  for His good pleasure & it is an honor to reverence the Lord. As we continue to be  in awe of His presence & flow in humanity, we should conceptualize the reality of Jesus’ presence through our worship. He Is The Great I AM. A self existing God in the true essence of life.
The very breath of every human being that ever emerged into the earth realm out the Creator’s purpose & strategy in the schematic diagram of creation within the  entire universe. YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!
So let us continue to worship our Lord, that brings one into the reality of The Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom Connections & Divine alignment occur in our lives as we submit to God’s will &  His purpose in the earth. The Body of Christ is called to love another as well as to do good to those that are in the household of Faith. To cry with those that cry & laugh with those that laugh. As we realize that God loves His people & they belongs to Him & Him alone. Each us of have a specfic purpose & destiny that we are called to do & we are connected  to others according to will of the Father. It is not our will nor the will of man,  but of God Himself; For He is our Sovereign King! Finally Jealousy is as murder & is as cruel as the grave. We must keep our focus on the Lord in these days, as things  unfolding & is getting ready to occur on this earth & we must be prepared for it now. Discernment occurs in all forms, in reading written materials & face to face contacts . The closer we get to God the more things are discernible in this end time. We must pray in these days like never before.

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