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To each of you, everyone, everybody, groups, family, friends & all those who will receive.
May this year 2016 be a spiritual  awakening & understanding of a greater identity & sonship in Christ.
May your Divine destiny & purpose align with the original will & intent of the Father in Heaven for your life.
May your heart’s desires according to God be released in a greater dimension & measure upon this earth.
May an exponential growth of increase occur in your lives with all the Divine  connections,  blessings, benefits, prosperity, health & resources in The Kingdom of our God.
May God’s covenants & promises to you manifest  right before your very eyes this year.  May God’s wisdom, understanding & knowledge become a reality in your everyday life. 
I decree protection over & around you & your family in this year of 2016.
I pray for opportunities & doors to be opened to you for your for maximum  economic success in Christ. I decree a greater, love, fellowship & unity with Jesus this year. May you feel God’s burning passion for you as His child.
May the absolute best be presented in all areas of your life as your continue to seek the Lord. Let you be in a state of God’s inspiration & revealing truth for a greater illlumnation & definition of your assignments in the earth. May you as a gift make room for you in this new season of changes & shifts. Jesus love you, He  has your back, you are not alone & He definitely wants the  absolute best for you & you !
Remember 2017 will be here before you know it, so seize & enjoy the moments, you are good to go, because time is rapidly progressive in our natural state of  existence in this realm; while yet we exist simultaneously in eternity with Our Father.
As Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn has  said ” There Are No More Excuses” she went on to state “we have much work to do to in order to be successful & it will require our exerted effort”. THIS IS A NEW YEAR, so let us believe, hope, expect, trust God & have faith in this season. Love you all


God’s Kingdom Connections & Divine alignment occur in our lives as we submit to God’s will &  His purpose in the earth. The Body of Christ is called to love another as well as to do good to those that are in the household of Faith. To cry with those that cry & laugh with those that laugh. As we realize that God loves His people & they belongs to Him & Him alone. Each us of have a specfic purpose & destiny that we are called to do & we are connected  to others according to will of the Father. It is not our will nor the will of man,  but of God Himself; For He is our Sovereign King! Finally Jealousy is as murder & is as cruel as the grave. We must keep our focus on the Lord in these days, as things  unfolding & is getting ready to occur on this earth & we must be prepared for it now. Discernment occurs in all forms, in reading written materials & face to face contacts . The closer we get to God the more things are discernible in this end time. We must pray in these days like never before.

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Fear is the tool that the enemy of our soul use to keep us from accomplishing our dreams and vision. To walk in our destiny we must walk by faith and put our trust in the Lord. He gives us the strength to conquer the impossible in our lives. fear is false expectations that eventually paralyzes our mobility and may stop us from going forward. It is true as ones mature in their thoughts,character, and emotions, things that once hindered us, no longer has the power to stop us. We can overcome by our faith obtained in our walk in Christ and conquering our perceived fears. We then see the fear even though it appeared real at that time it was an imagined  and initiated  by our own insecurities that the enemy or others perpetuate in our lives. My final thoughts is we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen us. So we must cast down the spirit of  fear and go forth in purpose and destiny, for the Kingdom of our Lord.