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Fear is the tool that the enemy of our soul use to keep us from accomplishing our dreams and vision. To walk in our destiny we must walk by faith and put our trust in the Lord. He gives us the strength to conquer the impossible in our lives. fear is false expectations that eventually paralyzes our mobility and may stop us from going forward. It is true as ones mature in their thoughts,character, and emotions, things that once hindered us, no longer has the power to stop us. We can overcome by our faith obtained in our walk in Christ and conquering our perceived fears. We then see the fear even though it appeared real at that time it was an imagined  and initiated  by our own insecurities that the enemy or others perpetuate in our lives. My final thoughts is we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen us. So we must cast down the spirit of  fear and go forth in purpose and destiny, for the Kingdom of our Lord.