Praying on location as a team of Intercessors ( The Right Now Prayer Team) that are power packed, dynamite, & full of wisdom, strategies, boldness, love, insights & might, because of Jesus being our Chief In Commander & Sovereign King. We pray at various location & join other prayer movements as God lead us into a deeper depths of understanding & clarity as Warriors, Watchmen, Strategist, Tacticians, Sharp Shooters & as a Prophetic & Apostolic team flowing in
purity, holiness, truth, authenticity, Integrity & unity.
We are Kingdom endorsed & empowered by the Most High, true & living God. We are Midwives, Travailers, encouragers, motivators, Prayer Initiators, Protectors in the Army of The Lord.
We are now crying out for nations,families, individuals, governments, etc as The Father leads us with His heart. We remain target specific in our prayers so to effective in our operations & intercession. We are God’s Intercessors ready to intercede on your behalf. God has found us faithful to stand in the gap. We are willing & available to The Holy Spirit in battle on the ground, air & sea, whether its Domestic or Foreign. There a war cry deep in our soul & it is The fire of God to pray for men everywhere with a urgency & fervency
We are seers, Apostles Prophets, Scribes, Pastors. Teachers & Evangelists, but most importantly & definitely servants of The Kingdom of God that is unstoppable in Christ Jesus. Let God arise & His enemies be scattered.
Apostle Zipporah Brown