A Marriage Is Call Holy Matrimony Representing Jesus & His Bride !

God’s Word & way is true. He set the natural order of things, anything else is unnatural & out of order, which is rebellion. Rebellion against the order & biblical principles of God. God’s Word is immutable & irrefutable. God does not make any mistakes. The mutation of ones identity & moral decay represents man’s denial of God’s existence & authority. Yes God is love & He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. However when Jesus hung on the cross The Father turned from him briefly because of the sin that was placed on him from us. Jesus said why have thou forsaken me.
God hates all forms of sin & it does not matter who justify it or make excuses for their behaviors or desires. Everything was created & put into existence has a purpose & reason to function the way it does. No humanistic, psychological, analytical deviant injection into the behaviors of man & analyzing the Word of from a carnal perspective will change What God has decreed & SAID.
Just by natural observance we see the functionality of male & female & what God has ordained for the existence of mankind to procreate; Perversion & inordinate affections has occurred from corruption of the enemy & has been there before this earth exsisted. The enemy Injecting thoughts will lead to destruction & chaos. Once a person is throughly convince their behaviors are legitimate, based on the sense realms, natural intellect & human emotions; Everything in that persons responds to that belief system that the enemy has put in place. Sometimes it may occurs in the womb, for we are spiritual beings. We must trust & believe God at this juncture in wake of humanity rebellion against God in our country. It did not just start, as we read scriptures, it has been happening for ages. When men are not submitted to the truth & reality of the Kingdom they will always want to do things their way & not God’s ways. The enemy main purpose is to pervert the holiness & sanctity of God’s image in marriage. The Groom which is Jesus & His bride that’s us as the Body of Christ, represents a male (Jesus Christ) & a female( The children of God) It can not & will not be any other way in the sight of God. It is written !
Apostle Zipporah Brown