We pray for healing & deliverance from the root of manipulation, lies, cheating, etc , especially for individuals that currently operates like this that are calling themselves a child of God.
Father we asks that you expose these ungodly behaviors & deal with the soul of each person for your Glory. Allow them to see themselves & take responsibility for their own behaviors & actions.
We decree that all denial, deception, lies, manipulation, untruth, rebellion, pride, selfishness are not acceptable behaviors in your Kingdom & in your presence in our vessels & we take authority over all ungodly behaviors & bind up these activities in Jesus’ name!
We now loose godly biblical truths, godly influence, the reality of the Kingdom, love, compassion, a greater understanding of Jesus, love for God, themselves & their neighbors, a selflessness & a servant attitude, truth in their inward parts, death to their flesh & an absolute williness to change their own behaviors & a definite desire to please Jesus.
We decree all these behaviors will always be exposed around your presence God, Fear of The Lord will come forth & also conviction of The Holy Spirit. We send forth love, peace, joy & Godly acceptance to them, (but not the sin or fleshly & ungodly behaviors). We bind up all demonic influences, shame, guilt & the stranger’s voice.
We thank you Lord for your love & healing for those that may be operating in these behaviors that comes in your presence around us.
We will not be ignorance of the devices of enemy & we immediately forgive the individual & we intercede in love for our brethren in Jesus’ name.
No matter where or what situation we see these behaviors operating, we shall pray for that individual.
Father let all our responses be Godly & pleasing to you Lord. Let us also take a look at ourselves so that we ourselves are not operating in same behaviors & are delivered & cleanse of these actions as well, so our intercession is pure before the throne & we respond with grace & mercy; not out of judgement, criticism or condemnation with any individual that needs the love of Christ & true an intimate relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ in whom we are suppose to represent in any situation.
We are vessels of The most High, King Jesus & we must represent Jesus in the beauty of Holiness.
Finally Father help us to represent you well & be pleasing unto you in every circumstances we may encounter on a daily basis.
Apostle Zipporah Brown