Look technology is great, however I do not like the GPS, Google whoever knowing my every move & than telling me where I am at. It just to weird to me. It is convenient when we need it & want to it use the technology, the accuracy is scary. Sometimes technology can be invasive & I am not comfortable with that, I realizes monitoring systems have been in place for many years, now the intensity of these devices and their capabilities are more extreme & accurate. I guess this is what we want when need the support in obtaining directions.
We must watch as well as pray, I am not one of those conspiracy theorists, but I am encouraging everyone to pray in this season we are in. We are to be sober & vigilant in the Kingdom of God. As technology advances in the natural realm, I feel we should also advance in spirit realm with the heart of God.
Jesus is a great strategist & He will lead us through this maze of deceit & games in our society. My prayer is that we become more skilled & sharpen in every area as more in depth the weapons are becoming & being formed in this day & age.
I remembered discussing these times & these things in junior high school, back than it seemed so futuristic & unobtainable at time. Now what was discussed back then is deemed antiquated in comparison to the speed in which knowledge is increasing especially in technology.
I believe we must look to see & see what is not seen.
Just take a look at this younger generation & how things are evolving quickly & how the youth has adapted to the operation of technology.
It does not even seem to phrase them & they have the capacity to know how to operate the elitist computers, tablets & smart phones. So as things advances, may God grant us the wisdom to remain abreast to the new.
Apostle Zipporah Brown