1. YES LORD! I Loose truth all around me, in me & through me in Jesus Christ’s name.  I bind the truth to my ears, eyes, mouth, heart & my inwards parts now!  I decree that nobody will be able to lie to me or speak half truths to me in Jesus Christ’s name, the wordof God will expose all deceit, lies & any evil intents or motives.    I declare all the truth, nothing but the truth so help me God, for I know Jesus Christ is truth & the scriptures states that I shall “know” the truth & the truth shall set me free. Father please deliver me from any & all lies or untruths that I may believe or have believed in my life.        Eradicate & erase any/all lies or half truths about me in my existence in the globe & any & all lies told through others or  those they may  currently believe about me in Jesus Christ’s name !              I want truth & to embrace Lord privately & publicly with no comprises with any ungodly principles.                                    Father in Jesus Christ’s name  l desire & also choose to speak, talk & walk in truth & my loins are girted about with the belt of truth as part of my armor of God.             God is Jehovah El Meth, Lord God of Truth Psalms 31:6, thank you Lord for perfect purity & holiness of truth in your Kingdom.   Lord it is authenticity, veracity & the reality of your Kingdom, without any & all contaminations, admixtures & unclean or impure spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.    I will flow in holiness & purity of The Holy Spirit according to the Divine order The Father, Son & Holy Spirit.                                   Thank you Lord for all truth. Apostle Zipporah Brown