The Chinese now understand the behavior of the Covid-19 virus, due to autopsies that they have carried out. This virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways & lungs. So they have discovered that in order to be able to apply a medicine you have to open and unblock these airways so that the treatment can be used to take affect. However all of this takes a number of days. Their recommendations for what you can do to safe guard yourself are the following….

#1  Drink lots of hot liquids, coffee, soups, teas and/or warm water. In addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes because this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that may have entered into your mouth then into your stomach with the gastric juices will neutralize it before it can get to the lungs.

#2  Gargle with an antiseptic in warm water, such as vinegar, salt or lemon everyday if possible

#3  The virus attaches itself to hair and cloths. Any detergent or soap kills it but you must take a bath or shower when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down anywhere and go straight to the bathroom or shower. If you cannot wash your clothes daily hang them in direct sunlight which also neutralizes the virus.

#4  Wash metallic surfaces very carefully because the virus can remain viable on these for up to nine days. Take note and be vigilant about touching handrails and door knobs etc. Do this within your own home as well and do it regularly. Wipe down and keep clean!

#5  Don’t SMOKE

#6  Wash your hands every 20 minutes using any soap that foams. Do this for 20 seconds and wash your hands thoroughly.

#7  Eat fruits and vegetables. Try to elevate your zinc levels not just your vitamin C levels. Detox your body from all meats for at least seven days.

#8  Animals do not spread the virus to people. This is a person to person transmition.

#9  Try your best to avoid getting the common flu

Our maturity & spiritual growth comes when we are totally submitted to The Lord in the mist of all the chaos & confusion & we are certainty victorious in remaining in the peace of Christ when standing in Him against all the offenses, jealousy, envy, conflicts, attacks, competitiveness, emulations, disputes, misunderstandings, false accusations, judgements, unlawful challenges, lies, gossip, false witnesses, Naysayers, negative comments, being yelled at, opinions, differences, hostility, haters, bitterness, disagreements, finger pointing, disputes, strife, resentments, controversy, persecutions, contentions, rage, outbursts, variances,divisions, disharmony, anger, antagonism, clashes, spite, grudges, arguments, animosity, frictions, oppositions, dissensions, name calling, slanders, doubters, scoffers, the prideful, mockers, scorners, cynicism, defamers, profanities, identity & character assaults, divisions, malicious & mean behaviors, vindictive & unforgiving acts, sarcastic words, the releasing words of death & murder or hurtful & painful words, destiny stealer, accusers, back stabbing, pessimists, criticism, belittling, bad attitudes, dishonoring, lack of respect, denials, skepticism, denigrating & conspiracies & evil networks against you & your character. We continue stand in Christ & know we wrestle not against flesh & blood.

Dr Zipporah Brown

I hear be surefooted when you are on unstable grounds. Be fixed & focused on Jesus at all times. Many are moving in illegal territories in the Spirit realm opening doors & gates to the enemy or flowing in the Spirit for personal gain with prophesy or the gifts of The Holy Ghost, some are tapping into Humanism, New Age, divination, witchcraft or mixing some false religious theology in your flow & called it Jesus, remember If you move/flow in areas of darkness, unholy realms of the enemy & by him being a legalist he is going to take his liberties & the rights you have given him.
We must be pure, Holy, true, authentic & have integrity with our Father God. Please close all gates, doors & windows in our soul to all lies of the enemy.
Many are asleep to what is really going on now & is not alert or watchful & have been bewitched, seduce or entice by their own desires, issues, soul & not walking in biblical principles in the Bible. The Word is truth! Ask God for His truths, a greater revelation & His interpretation of the Scriptures.
Please go before God & do a personal inventory in Jesus. Because I hear the words strongly HALT & WOE !
God is filtering & cleansing our hearts, motives, character, desires, perceptions & attitudes with His Consuming Fire. He is purging, purifying & pruning those things in us that are not like Him.
Finally I hear listen to God, watch your mouths, thoughts & be not persuaded against The Kingdom of God & who He has ordained to use in this season, because someone may not be up to your own standards or judgments or what you may have heard or even thought about a person. I hear do not touch it or agree with your mouth, actions or deeds against that person, you must pray & intercede. I hear get truth from God for ownself & what you speak or even think, because you will only be accountable to God for yourself & it will not be based on anyone else’s thoughts, opinions, words, or even their false witness when you are before the Throne of God. I saw hot coals being touched to lips of God’s people & it was a very long line, I did not see the end of the line only the beginning. We should not be superficial but authentic in our relationship with Jesus & also each other.
Don’t get angry at me, I’m just the messager or vessel used of Jesus.
God told me my people get angry at the Messager because they are not ready for the truth, they are currently in sin, or they just do not want to deal with their issues or they don’t want to be exposed & they want to continue to hide, thereby, they are in denial or they project their own issues & problems off onto others or try to rationalize & intimidate others by coming up against the Messager’s character or identity.
If you do not agree it is ok but God will be not be controlled or manipulated, He alone is God & He will always confirm His word. The truth will always stand out & be made known.
This right now movement in God is so pure & Holy & there shall be no mixtures or contamination in the flow of The Spirit, so we must stay before God in the process in order to progress & grow in Kingdom’s purposes.
Remember this is not a season to play games with God, we are in some serious times in God, we must stay in prayer & seek God, His heart, thoughts about everything & everybody.
We must trust God & walk by Faith.
Know that I love you, but The Father & Jesus loves you more.
Dr/Apostle Zipporah R.Brown

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I hear The Lord say be obedient without any hesitation or delay in this season. Time is of the essence for the Divine Kingdom Connections. The act of hesitating is a delay due to uncertainty of the mind or fear. A state of doubt,a halting or faltering in speech according to the dictionary. I say it is a pausing in commencing your actions based on a perceived inability to accomplish the task at the moment, whether in your own thoughts, beliefs, actions or deeds.
We must trust The Lord in all movement through our vessel which is based on your availability & your faith in Him.
Your movement in Christ is not based on your carnal senses, feelings, natural observations or not even what is comprehended by you, it is strictly by the obedience to The voice of God. Consequently, you must have a knowing of His voice in your spirit in this due season, with no vacillating or inconsistency in your response to Jesus.
It is now onward progressively with an ardent, eagerness & willingness attitude in what The Lord has required of you to do.
So be bold & confident because the rewards & benefits are going to be phenomenal.
Only let your pauses be in the realm of Christ’s will by being synchronize with the Holy Spirit & not to delay your own blessings.

Dr/Apostle Zipporah Brown

We continue praying for Men everywhere.
Yes we are praying & interceding for the Men for their roles are difficult & we may not understand their position as a Male, Men or boy.
We must encourage & support our Sons, Brothers, Husbands, Uncles, Grandsons, Nephews, Male Cousins,, Fathers, Grandfathers, Professional Males, or the working Males, those in the Government, Law enforcement, Teachers, the Medical areas & those that may need to be restored in life & back in society.
Pray for Men in jail, Nursing homes, Seniors Citizens, the Male seeds & children, the youth, Millennials, those in Foster care system & those that are homeless etc.
We need to pray continually for those that do work of the ministry, Pastors, Leaders, Bishops, Apostle, Prophets. Ushers, Deacons, Musicians, or whatever perspective roles they may operate in our society.
Please continue to pray the Men because there is an increase need & intense attack on Males in the earth. We must become their intercessor in this season.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

So true, we must authentic in every area of our lives.
We are not to be superficial in our words, actions, or deeds. We should always be authentic, especially when we are representing The Kingdom of God, we have to be real & genuine in showing forth our love, light & transparency to others.
BE YOU ! The best possible you that you can be !
Our lives are an living Epistle open & read before all Men. 2Corinthians 3:2 & 3.
We have to become the engrafted Word of God in the earth. James1:21
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Praying on location as a team of Intercessors ( The Right Now Prayer Team) that are power packed, dynamite, & full of wisdom, strategies, boldness, love, insights & might, because of Jesus being our Chief In Commander & Sovereign King. We pray at various location & join other prayer movements as God lead us into a deeper depths of understanding & clarity as Warriors, Watchmen, Strategist, Tacticians, Sharp Shooters & as a Prophetic & Apostolic team flowing in
purity, holiness, truth, authenticity, Integrity & unity.
We are Kingdom endorsed & empowered by the Most High, true & living God. We are Midwives, Travailers, encouragers, motivators, Prayer Initiators, Protectors in the Army of The Lord.
We are now crying out for nations,families, individuals, governments, etc as The Father leads us with His heart. We remain target specific in our prayers so to effective in our operations & intercession. We are God’s Intercessors ready to intercede on your behalf. God has found us faithful to stand in the gap. We are willing & available to The Holy Spirit in battle on the ground, air & sea, whether its Domestic or Foreign. There a war cry deep in our soul & it is The fire of God to pray for men everywhere with a urgency & fervency
We are seers, Apostles Prophets, Scribes, Pastors. Teachers & Evangelists, but most importantly & definitely servants of The Kingdom of God that is unstoppable in Christ Jesus. Let God arise & His enemies be scattered.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Amen, God will not be hindered or mocked & we will not be distracted from the purposes of God, we are to focus on The Kingdom purposes of our Lord in our lives.
Father open up our eyes to see what have not been seen. Expose all the enemies & anyone sent to destroy or stop us & also all the people near us with any wrong motives or hidden agendas around us.
Father expose all traps, snares, plots & malicious intents to stop the Kingdom flow through us !
We must be in total agreement with God for every & all people we meet or come in contact with & not be against God’s purposes for or in anyone’s life.
We are either for God or against God, woe to those that are against God’s Kingdom purposes for other people’s destiny or those influencing others people negatively against us.
We are to be Watchmen for the Kingdom of God & to travail for the birthing of Christ Jesus in the earth through individuals not oppose their purpose or destiny with our mouth, thoughts, actions & deeds.
Father we ask for your protection around our destiny & purposes in the earth.
Father please remove all threats against your purpose for our individual lives in Jesus’ name. We are in a very serious season of The Lord & God is real.
Please hear the Lord & not be dull of hearing in this season, seek God like never before !
After thought: “Who can come against or stop God?”
Apostle Zipporah Brown

I am definitely praying for the will of the Father to go forth in your life. That the Fire & conviction of The Holy Spirit be prevalent in this season in your life. That you are now able to cultivate the presence of The Lord every second in your daily existence on this earth & to those around you. May you experience ecstacy & the unveiling love of Jesus Christ within the depths of your very being. Lastly may you have an insatiable thirst & hunger for God’s presence and truth. I am praying for you !

Dr Zipporah Brown