Yes Lord I will withhold nothing from you. I surrender all to you my Lord, everything I give to you.
My King I give myself away to you over and over, total obeisance, obedience, compliance, abandonment and submission. I say yes to your will Father. Have your way in me and through me.
Unquestionably yes Lord yes.
All I want is You Jesus!
Dr/Apostle Zipporah Brown

Intimacy with Jesus as The Bride of Christ

Our intimacy with Jesus, we are His Bride and He is our Groom.
The Holiness, purity & Intimacy with God should be your reflection to others. As the Word is a mirror to the reflection of Christ to us.
You and He must become one.
The Intimacy and intensity of your love will be felt and seen by those who look upon you. The beauty of Holiness, be God’s reflection in the earth.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Children forgive your Mom and Mothers forgive your Children,
Let this be a day of healing of old wounds. Let it go ! From the deep recesses of your hearts I decree healing of hurts, pain, abuse, misunderstandings, lies, betrayal from Mother to Child and Child to Mother. I decree all dysfunctional relationships between a child & their Mother be healed this day in Jesus name. I speak release over every emotional scar and wound that enemy try to keep reminding one of their past whether it be the Children or the Mother. I speak healing of everything the enemy wanted to do between a Mother and a child. I decree healthy, wellness and wholeness to all Mother and Child, Adult Children, Grandchildren, Stepchildren, Nieces, Nephews, Foster Parents, Guardians & those in any dysfunctional relationships with their Mother whether the Mother or Child is living or dead.
I come against all anger, hate, displaced rage and rebellion in Adult Children and Mother’s relationships. I decree emotional stability, forgiveness and resolved issues from through Jesus Christ.
Being a Social Worker I’ve witnessed many unresolved issues in Adult from their Childhood experiences from both Fathers and Mothers, but today we are focusing on Mothers.
There are to many different scenarios to discuss. I decree a release and healing over every little boy and girl inside of every Adult.
I bind up rejection or perceived rejection. I come against arrested development and retarded emotional growth from Childhood ìncidents. People have no idea what people have experienced in Childhood trauma. So let us pray one for another with mercy and grace. Being in Social Work, I have heard and witnessed horrible stories. Prayer is our point of defense for all. I bind all grief and condemnation in Mother in regards them raising their Children.
Let this day a blessing and peaceful. No more torment in Jesus’ name

My Thoughts

True, you must know who you are beyond a reasonable doubt and be able to stand in the midst of others opinions and accusations. The Lord’s Word will fortify us during these trials and uncertainties in our life.
The enemy will subsequently use people or circumstances to promote our fears and bring us to our own demise through what the naysayers or well meaning people are speaking out of their own soul, issues and unbelief to us, especially if we do not stand against the lies of the enemy.
Others may even try to rationalizes where you at or your actions and what you currently are going through from a their carnal perspective and not from heart of God for you.
People may also bumbard you knowingly or unknownly with their own thoughts of defeats or negativety, which may be rooted in their own feelings of insecurities, envy, jealousy, or it may be out of their ignorance of spiritual things, or just being malicious in their own motives, but the outcomes are the same in this, the enemy is trying to halt your growth or progress in what God has already spoke to you in your prayer closet and what you are beginning to move out in publicly on Word of God.
You must believe and stand strong on that Word and what God have said about you and to you, we should continue to please God and not people, know that His Word is always true!
The enemy and people will challenge your dreams, goals, actions and identity based on what they perceive or have heard from other people in their experiences, criticism judgements and prejudices against you in and your individual journey in Christ or what The Lord have ask you to do.
Be who are in Christ and with no deviations because of other people opinions.
The enemy will always try to murder or assassinate your character so that you will not be able help or connect with others or just be a light in this world.
We must stand against plotting and practicing sin, any falsehoods and lies by living in the total truth of God’s biblical principles, His Word, His Divine order and the Holiness in Christ.
Remember we are not our past experiences or failures based on any facts and falsehoods we have believed about ourselves or what others have believed to be true about us.
We must continue to please our Jesus and live for Him at all cost.
Only the truth will stand and every evil lie will fall to the ground, this also include any lies the enemy have told us about ourselves. According to Scripture we should cast down every high thing and imaginations that stands against will, purposes and the Word of God for our lives, instead we must trust and believe God whether it is His Logos or Rhema Word to us. Remember God is our Sovereign King and His truth and will shall prevail in our lives.
Be encouraged in this tedious journey, always forgive others and let patience have it perfect work. Press into Jesus to gain any insights, wisdom and knowledge of our Heavenly Father and let Him perfect your love walk and prepare a table in the midst of enemy. Remember God is with us and He is always working on our character and fruit as we continue stand in midst of adversity.
Go back to God our Father in Heaven and inquire of Him, what you can do differently, what are His instructions for you, what are you to learn from each encounter with others and in the center of misunderstandings and negativety and how should you as individual respond to the Judases and any betrayal in our lives.
The intensity of any warfare will bring change and out the New Wine in you.
For our God is a Consuming Fire and nothing occurs without His consent. You are called to be a blessing to all you encounter and it is not depicted on the behavior of other people, we are responsible for our own actions and how we responds to others according to the Scripture.
Please remember to love and forgive others all the time, it is your choice.

In His Love and through His Fire and Glory
Apostle Zipporah Brown

YouTube Video by Marcus Rogers

Nope ! it has been evident all through out my life, yes Lord.
However, I really did try to fit in though…. than I got saved, correction came,  my outlook, & my perception changed & wow I discovered this was ordained of God for me to be uniquely difference & peculiar & even strange to many.
Of course the enemy used my differences against me, with all sorts of tools & weapons that I once believed.
NOW I am true to myself as it was supposed to be before the foundation of this earth.
It’s enjoyable to be me & different from others. 
Thank You Lord that I am a reflection of you ! 
Apostle Zipporah Brown

We must keep our focus for the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.
Any oppression, dictatorship, despotism, fascism, tyranny and maltreatment, of any nation or ethnic people group is demonic origin. Please pray against all demonic  Infiltrations, networking,hidden agendas and evil intent to inflict hurt, pain and control in our society.
We must see the plots and schemes of Satan, his cohorts and the wicked.
We shall continue stand for the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour and not allow another genocide to take in our  silence like when Six Millions of Jewish people were killed. As I have said before the enemy is insidious.

Dr/Apostle Zipporah Brown

A Rose for Rose, you are Jesus Roses. You may have some thorns, but in the end you blossom with the beauty of Christ. God have had to prune you, water you and nurture you into that beautiful Rose.
The layers of a Rose is reflective of the intricacies and delicate designs
that you are made of, formed and fashioned by God Himself.
The sweet fragrance of worship and praise unto God, pour out of your Alabaster box unto Jesus.
No one knows the cost of your oil, all they see is the beautiful Rose before them. As you continue to  bloom in the midst of adversity, you are still growing and return  each year with the care of our Lord.
He loves you as His beautiful flower before Him.
You are His Rose, a Rose for a Rose.  He is The Rose of Sharon; we reflect Jesus’ life, love and care. We are protected  by Him,  who would have thought to have put thorns on Roses? Something so beautiful that can prick your fingers if you do not handle the Rose with extra special care. You are a lovely fragrant to The Lord.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

The Father has perfect timing. It’s His  Karios timing and there are not any accidental delays in Christ it is in His strategic plan for us. We must trust God and wait patiently on Him.
Our perceived delays will have a momentual impact not just for us, but for the multitude of witnesses, onlookers, spectators and those that will have an opportunity to participate in our personal  blessings.
God will ultimately get the Glory and the people will be in awe and wonderment.
  Your breakthrough will be an inspiration to others with their own individual’s expectations and hopes in what God has promised them for their own blessings  and breakthrough.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Modesty, hidden jewels are covered. Remember Ladies YOU are those precious treasures to be discovered & treated like a Queen, consequently handled with delicate care & respect in The Kingdom of our King Jesus Christ.
To be discovered as that jewel & founded by that right Miner ( Husband).
The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:22- Whoso (Husband) findeth( to find, secure, acquire, get, sought,meet encounter, to learn, discover) a wife fineth a good(pleasant, agreeable, excellent, rich, valuable in estimation, appropriat, glad, happy, prosperous, right,benefit, moral good) thing & obtaineth favour(good will, acceptable will, desire, pleasure, delight, self- will ) of The Lord. Truly it is always a choice in how present ourselves as ladies in public the young & elderly.
Father I thank you for your wisdom, instructions & convinction of The Holy Spirit as we present ourselves as your children in society.
Let us represent you Lord Jesus in the beauty of holiness, that our jewels/treasures are well hidden waiting to be discovered only through you Lord.
Help us in any or all areas that we may not know how to truly represent you in our attired or where we may have became comfortable in wearing .
Let everything that we do reflect your Glory even in the eyes of our male brethren.
Yet Father please deal with the intricate parts of our hearts in each of us alike males & females in our personal walk with you, for we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Dr Zipporah Brown

Do you recognize any idols in your life? The link that I am sharing below is an eye opener video as the speaker shares her heart and experience with God.
This is a time now for us to draw closer to Jesus like never before for He is truth.
This is a very serious time in The Lord, I can sense the urgency.  Acts 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent.
God is shaking everything that can be shook across the Globe.
Stay before Him and submit thyself to Him. Deal with our underlying issues of the soul, so that no gates, windows and doors will be open to the enemy.
The intensity of the warfare that we are  experiencing spiritually are ancient and it is  like never before. However, God is purging, pruning, purifying, delivering and healing us.
He is now dealing with ancient and generational things in our linage so that we will be more effective in The Kingdom of God.
The Father is also revealing generational blessings and His covenants with His people.
There is no middle ground in Christ Jesus, we can’t compromise with sin, the devil or the world. We have to be completely submitted to Christ in all areas of our walk with Jesus.
Listen to Him and obey Him in this season.
Let God speak to you and please take heed. God is our Father of preparation, He prepare us for what is to come, He will keep you in the ark of safety under His protection as we listen  and trust Him.  Let it be known that God has spoken to you privately and walk out the fruit of your intimacy with Christ publically. Remember this a serious season in Christ. He is dealing with us all about everything in our lives
I leave this question with you; Is He real in your life?

Submitted with the love of Jesus.
Apostle Zipporah Brown